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Banana Beach

Beautiful and almost deserted, Banana Beach (sometimes called 'Banana Rock Beach') is not known to many people in Phuket as it's relatively isolated. Nevertheless, it's one of Phuket's most glittering gems as far as beaches go, and has the aura of a 'hidden beach'. The beach is 180 metres long and features beautifully clear water. At high tide the waves can sometimes wash up as high as the tree line, so care should be taken when it comes to picking a spot to lay your towel. The extreme southern and northern ends are perhaps the best bet. Banana Beach is situated between Bang Tao and Nai Thon beaches, some 500 metres north of Trisara Villas. You have to have sharp eyes to spot the beach through the trees that line the road but there are 2 places that give access to the beach. If coming from the south (Bang Tao), pass Trisara and slow down when the road dips down. You'll see where the barbed wire fence on the left-hand side of the road is open and a wood sign was nailed to a tree, reading 'Banana Beach'. Park there and walk down through the trees. Alternatively, 150 metres further on there's a white metal sign saying 'To Nai Thon' next to a small parking space. Follow the bamboo-lined trail, scale down the hill, cross the river and you'll see that the trail leads to the beach's northern end. Quite a few people choose to rent a long-tail boat from other beaches to come here. Ask for "Hat Hin Kluay". Banana Beach has fantastically clear water for swimming from November to May but the sea is too rough for swimming in the low season. There are several masseuses in the shade right next to the restaurant who charge around 300 baht an hour.


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